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Day Nursery

Reaching our Fullest Potential

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Day Nursery

Reaching our Fullest Potential

Baby Room


Our babies are our popsicles. They have their own room which is quiet enough for them to rest and sleep if necessary, but close enough to the toddler room if they are ready to join in the fun there. We assess each child individually on their emotional, social, physical and personal development and discuss with you before moving them from one room to another. Although we guide this room on being 0-15 months, some children may be ready straight away at 1 to venture into the next stage room but others may need a little longer and a slower transition and might be up to 18 months before they move over. This is something we will always discuss with you along the way and make sure you are happy and little one is ready to make that move. Popsicles do not wear a uniform.

In our Day Nursery, our priority for our popsicles is to ensure that we provide the best caring and nurturing environment possible while they are away from you. We will do everything we can to ensure your child settles well into the nursery from their very first day. Our welcoming and well qualified staff are there to focus on providing a comfortable, safe and stimulating environment each and every day. Your baby will have a Key Person, whose role it is, is to ensure that routines such as nappy changing, feeding and settling to sleep are in place, as well as opportunities for some very important ‘one to one’ learning time, and that these routines are consistent with your routines at home, whilst baby settles into nursery life. During their first months, young babies react to people and situations with their whole bodies. They are also competent in observing and responding to their immediate environment and communicating with those around them. The baby room team care and look after our babies each day, providing and catering for their individual needs. We hold a variety of activities such as messy play, role play, music, dance and story time, heuristic play, treasure baskets, sensory areas and plenty of play opportunities, indoor and out.

We will focus the children’s next steps around the prime areas of learning:

Communication and language,

Physical development and

Personal, social and emotional development.

The babies will take regular trips into our garden and will no doubt benefit and flourish in our loving nursery. As babies become more mobile and in control of their own bodies they begin to explore their environment with more intention. Increasing mobility and language development enable them to find out and understand more about the world. Most of our babies in these rooms will be making their first steps in terms of walking, talking and feeding themselves and we therefore make every effort to ensure staff and parents are working very closely together. We will communicate with you via our electronic tracking system that will be explained to you when you first visit. You will be able to see online how your child is progressing and learning. Working in partnership is highly important to us. Providing time to talk and share information about your child. Children are cared for by the same staff each time they attend, forming a bond important to their development and well-being. Your child will have a designated key person to ensure security, reassurance and continuity of care. We will encourage them to explore and discover new and exciting activities and feel confident to explore.

Your baby will enjoy being able to explore:

* A cosy area for resting and exploring books

* Creative play (finger paint, playdough and gloop)

* Sensory play including music and sounds

* Treasure baskets filled with natural materials

* Physical play as they become more mobile


As well as receiving regular updates via our 'Famly' app, you will also receive a weekly newsletter direct to the app, a sample newsletter is on our news page for you to see.